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The orchid conferences of APOC are organized through the auspices of various hosts coming from different countries. Since the first Asia Pacific Orchid Conference in 1984, a number of hosts have generously organized the conferences. Below are some of the contributors to APOC's international orchid conferences:

6th APOC Organizer Townsville, Australia February 18, 2002
7th APOC Organizer Nagoya, Japan May 31, 2001
8th APOC Organizer Tainan, Taiwan July 2, 2004
9th APOC Goyang, Korea July 2, 2007
Dr. TAN Wee Kiat Donoted "APOC Grand Champion" Trophy 2009
Taiwan Orchid Growers Association Donated "APOC Best Show Landscape" Trophy 2009
10th APOC Organizer Chongqing, China July 30, 2010
11th APOC Organizer Okinawa, Japan on May 13, 2013 July 2, 2007
Mr. Haruhiko Nagata Donated USD 5,000.00 March 20, 2016






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