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What is an Orchid Conference?

An Orchid Conference is a celebration of orchid culture, science, and practices. APOC organizes its conferences with three years intervals. The Asia Pacific Orchid Conference is a week long international orchid activity that includes: (1) the lecture programme; (2) the orchid show; and (3) the social programme.

The Lecture Programme

APOC is designed to become an avenue that supports the exchange and dissemination of common knowledge, recent practices and trends in orchid development, biotechnology, science, and conservation amongst orchid enthusiasts in the international community. Thus, an integral component of the conference is an orchid lecture where distinguished lecturers coming from different nations with expertise on orchids are invited.

The lecture program typically runs for two days. APOC ensures a balance of lecture topics that are intended for scientific, orchid hobbyists, special interests, and orchid world or culture internationally.

The Orchid Show

The orchid show features the magnificent collection of orchid or floral arrangements in different contexts. Orchid hobbyists or enthusiasts are captivated with the wonderful spectacle of orchids. A significant part of the orchid show is the Exhibitor’s area where they sell orchids or plants and even other collectibles or memorabilia to the interested visitors and even the general public.

The Social Program

The social program is an occasion where participants and visitors look forward to. This is a perfect timing for most registrants who look forward to holidays and bring their husbands or wives to simply enjoy the breeze and atmosphere of the festival. The social program also is a time to where participants meet old friends in an international get-together happening, wherein orchids are the prime focus and excuse.

The social program as part of the conference associates a lot of tourism-related activities. During the week long conference, a number of accessible attractions and events are available for registrants/participants and even their accompanying person. Customarily, the host divides the social program into an opening reception (before the conference), on the evening where judging takes place, during Closing Banquet, and a “local” night (e.g. Japanese, Australian, etc.).

The social program presents varied interesting opportunities for registrants/participants especially their accompanying people who wanted to stay out of the lectures and show.






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