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The Asia Pacific Orchid Conferences

The tradition of organizing colorful orchid festivities continues since 1984. APOC intends to sustain this legacy and we hope to bring more life, more culture, and vibrant into our conferences. Listed below are the past and upcoming APOC conferences.

14th APOC Singapore 2022
13th APOC Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 2019
12th APOC Chiang Mai, Thailand March 19-27, 2016
11th APOC Okinawa, Japan February 2-11, 2013
12th APOC Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016
10th APOC Chongqing, China March 20-24, 2010
9th APOC Goyang, Korea March 16-26, 2007
8th APOC Tainan, Taiwan March 6-14, 2004
7th APOC Nagoya, Japan March 15-21, 2001
6th APOC Townsville, Australia September 11-15, 1998
5th APOC Fukuoka, Japan 1995
4th APOC Chaing Mai, Thailand 1992
3rd APOC Adelaide, Australia 1989
2nd APOC Ujung Padang, Indonesia 1987
1st APOC Tokyo, Japan 1984

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