What is an Orchid Conference?

Information about our Conference and Potential Hosts

APOCAn Orchid Conference is a celebration of orchid culture, science, and practices. APOC organizes its conferences with three years intervals. The Asia Pacific Orchid Conference is a week long international orchid activity that includes: (1) the lecture programme; (2) the orchid show; and (3) the social programme. The Lecture Programme APOC is designed to become an avenue that supports the exchange and dissemination of common knowledge, recent practices and trends in orchid development, biotechnology, science, and conservation amongst orchid enthusiasts in the international community. Thus, an integral component of the conference is an orchid lecture where distinguished lecturers coming from different nations with expertise on orchids are invited. The lecture program typically runs for two days. APOC ensures a balance of lecture topics that are intended for scientific, orchid hobbyists, special interests, and orchid world or culture internationally. The Orchid Show The orchid show features the magnificent collection of orchid or ...
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APOC is the largest orchid conference in Asia and the Pacific...

About APOC

  • Our Objectives

    The objectives of the Trust shall apply especially to countries in the Asia Pacific Region, and are to promote awareness and development of the hybridization, cultivation, science and conservation of orchids and to support research in these fields.

  • Our Activity

    In pursuit of its objectives, the Trust shall invite and approve applications to host the Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC) from suitable organizations, which Conference shall occur every three years or at intervals determined by the Trustees.

President's Message

Welcome message from the APOC President

We welcome you to the official website of the Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC). The APOC is an international orchid festival that is held every three years. The conference started as a tradition way back on 1984 in Tokyo, Japan.

Over the years, APOC has been successfully organized through the auspices of various orchid individuals and groups in private, government and NGO sectors. APOC as a prestigious international orchid event has been held in different cities and countries, which includes Indonesia; Adelaide and Townsville in Australia; Chaing Mai, Thailand; Korea; China; Taiwan; and Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and the upcoming 11th APOC in Okinawa, Japan.

We believe that the APOC is a significant activity to strengthen the orchid industry. Thus, we have designed the conference to become an avenue where common practices in the development, hybridization, culture, biotechnology and its application, and conservation of orchids are shared amongst orchid enthusiasts. Customarily, every conference include activities for the exhibits of creative and spectacular floral and garden designs, lecture series about latest trends in orchid industry, orchid show, and distribution of awards which honors exemplary work of orchid enthusiasts that participated in the conference.

We, the Trustees of the Asia Pacific Orchid Conference hope that the conference becomes a regular triennial Asia Pacific activity in the orchid calendar. We will sustain the tradition of bringing colorful orchid festivals to different cities and countries. Likewise, we will also sustain the effort to disseminate common knowledge and recent trends in the development, hybridization, science, culture and conservation of orchids. We hope that you could join us in attaining this goal.


Haruhiko Nagata
Former President

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